Zendesk and CallOne: two cloud-based solutions share the same vision

Integrating the CallOne call center solution into your Zendesk customer service software might make your customers even happier.

Zendesk, a leading cloud-based customer service software company founded in 2007 and based in San Francisco, is a pioneer in revolutionizing customer service. Zendesk offers a web-based cloud solution, which helps organizations in building better relationships with their customers. As a ticketing solution, Zendesk unites customer contact channels such as email, phone, chat and social media in one coherent and innovative system. This system enables organization to neatly process and manage any communication with their customers.

What clients value most in Zendesk, similarly to the CallOne contact center solution, is great flexibility and high dynamic, as well as the intuitive handling and clarity of the system.

Options in Zendesk include a variety of ways to prioritize and group incoming tickets. Customer service agents can be grouped according to their skills and tickets can then purposefully be assigned to them. Ready-made text-modules, macros and triggers help making service processes that much easier. The same holds true for the possibility to directly access already existing information on customers when said customers seek contact.  What happens when you’re not around? Customers are also provided with extensive self-service through a knowledge database. With help of reporting and rating functions, you will always know how your customers are feeling.

Amongst other things, Zendesk focuses on apps and integrations. Other programs such as Salesforce, Google Analytics, SurveyMonkey, GetSatisfaction, Mailchimp or Good Data can be connected to Zendesk anytime through their already existing apps or integrations. Through an open and adaptable API, Zendesk is easily customizable to any organization.

Even though customers make more and more use of the internet to contact companies, contact over phone still remains one of the most important ways to communicate. This is true especially, if the reason for contact is more complex or individual, as with further inquiries or complaints. Even customers, who predominantly use e-mail or chat to contact companies indicate that they still wish to have the option to contact the company by phone (cf. Telekom Customer Contact Insights 2015). CallOne’s expertise lies at the very heart of telephone contact with customers and offers a cloud call center software with innumerable features. High user-friendliness is combined with waiting queue options, tools for statistical analysis, extensive management tools for call center agents, options for call distribution and many options to further customize the solution. In the same way as the Zendesk customer service software, CallOne Cloud ACD can be used from anywhere in the world.

Björn Bendig, CEO of CallOne, the only logical consequence is an integration of Zendesk and CallOne: “A lot of our customers are already using Zendesk and the next crucial step is linking it to their call center software.” This would provide the customer with a holistic combination of customer support by phone and on all other channels, coming from the joint philosophy of Zendesk and CallOne.

Integrating CallOne into Zendesk and also the integration of other CRM systems such as Salesforce and Microsoft CRM is already possible and CallOne’s client Lesara is already successfully using the combination of both systems. Do not hesitate to contact us regarding this topic.

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